The Best Sulfur Producer in the West

We’re proud of our Western roots and deep ties to agriculture in this region. The spirit, grit and determination it takes to grow out West inspire us to innovate business-minded solutions that others can’t. Our robust portfolio of sulfur products, combined with an unmatched logistics network to support this geography, makes us the best in the West.


Sulfur Is All We Do

Sulfur is our specialty, and our diverse portfolio fits the needs of Western ag retailers and producers. Whether the situation calls for a premium urea-based sulfur, organic sulfur bentonite or an elemental sulfur product, SRx has you covered.

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Sulfur Focus

Our sulfur product portfolio is designed to match the diversity and uniqueness of the Western agriculture market.

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Our Moses Lake, Washington, manufacturing facility keeps us close to the customers we serve, allowing us to pass on freight savings.

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Our nimble manufacturing capabilities help mitigate disruptions, so we can quickly adjust and adapt to shifting market demands and regional dynamics.​

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Our first-rate logistics approach and network benefit your business. With centralized distribution, connections in the trucking industry and a reliable supply chain, you can count on us to deliver.

In the West? Need Sulfur? Get in touch.

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