About Us

The best sulfur producer in the West.

In the West, people know how to pull up their bootstraps and do for themselves. Out here, common sense prevails when a challenge stands in the way of progress. That combination of independence and sound thinking led us to recognize a need and fill it. For us, that need was sulfur.

SRx Sulfur was built to create a more dependable sulfur supply chain for Western ag retailers and producers. Before our inception, distribution challenges and limited sulfur product availability often meant that crops’ nutritional needs either went unmet or were cost-prohibitive. Our founding team knew sulfur was mission-critical for productive Western agriculture and worked to build a manufacturing and logistics network to support the region’s agricultural community. 

Today, SRx Sulfur strives to be the West’s leading sulfur manufacturer and distributor by differentiating our business model to align with our customers’ goals. We don’t hesitate to challenge the status quo if it means less disruption and more profit for our partners. You can rely on us to deliver the highest-quality sulfur products when and how you need them.

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Sulfur focus

Unlike other fertilizer manufacturers, we focus our efforts exclusively on sulfur products. That targeted approach allows us to continuously refine our processes to improve quality, adapt to market conditions, create innovative products and increase profitability potential for our customers.

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Location + logistics

Because we’re located in the heart of the agricultural West, we can distribute anything within our comprehensive product portfolio reliably and quickly, at margins that make sense for retailers. Our dedicated logistics network includes established relationships with the most dependable trucking companies in this region to ensure on-time deliveries. We continue to expand our logistics capabilities to increase efficiencies and reduce customer costs.

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We can manufacture as little or as much product as our customers need and have ample storage capacity to adapt to market changes, supply chain fluctuations and peak seasonal demands. Our manufacturing facilities follow rigorous production protocols and quality assurance testing, so you’re guaranteed the same consistent product performance with every batch.

Get to know us

Just like you, we’re passionate about agriculture in this region. Our team includes agronomy, manufacturing, and logistics experts, working together towards a common goal: to provide our customers with high-quality sulfur products, dependable service and competitive advantage. 

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We’d love to connect with you to learn how we can support your business goals. Reach out with questions, and a team member will be in touch soon.