We’re Sulfur Specialists

Sulfur is all we do. From product development to commercial production and delivery, our priority is ensuring retailer and grower success with innovative, cost-effective and convenient sulfur products. SRx Sulfur offers a complete portfolio of crop nutrition solutions formulated for Western producers’ diverse field conditions and management practices.

Sulfur + urea

SRX Sulfur Thrive Product Logo

75% elemental sulfur plus 11% urea nitrogen formulated with Shell Thiogro technology to optimize oxidation and sulfur uptake throughout the season.

Sulfur bentonite

SRX Sulfur bentonite product logos: SRX Sulfur 85 and SRX Sulfur 90
SRX Sulfur bentonite product logos: SRX Sulfur 85 and SRX Sulfur 90

OMRI-certified elemental sulfur formulated with bentonite clay to increase oxidation and conversion to sulfate.

Flowable sulfur

SRX Sulfur Flo70 Product Logo

Micronized sulfur suspended in liquid for a convenient crop nutrition solution.

Elemental sulfur

SRX Sulfur 99.9 Product Logo

Uniformly sized, dust-free pure sulfur pastilles formulated for safe handling in agricultural and industrial applications. 


SRX Sulfur ATS Product Logo

Liquid ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer with a 12-0-0-26S analysis.

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