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SRx Thrive is 75% sulfur plus 11% urea nitrogen formulated with innovative Shell Thiogro technology to increase sulfur availability throughout a crop’s lifecycle while reducing losses due to leaching. Its low salt index allows flexibility for fall or spring applications with seed. 

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Proprietary formulation technology + small particle size pays off.

We’ve partnered with Shell to formulate SRx Thrive with the latest sulfur technology. Using a patented micronization process, we can deliver an elemental sulfur product with reduced particle size to address growers’ sulfur availability challenges.

SRx Thrive’s small sulfur particle size promotes faster oxidation, enhanced availability and more efficient uptake throughout the growing season.


Less nutrient loss

The elemental sulfur in SRx Sulfur reduces the risk of nutrient loss by leaching compared to AMS. That ensures more sulfur will be available when your crops need it most.

Flexible application timing

SRx has a low salt index making it safe for application with seed in the spring or fall.

Logistics cost savings

With SRx Thrive, you’ll get more efficient results, reducing the need for additional sulfate applications in season. And, with 3 times the nutrient density compared to AMS, you can reduce the number of tons in your bin. That helps free up valuable bin space for your other high-demand products.  


Simpler, safer handling

SRx Thrive is a nutrient-dense fertilizer that reduces application rates compared to AMS products. Ordering and storage are simplified, and the low-dust formulation is suitable for blending and self-extinguishing for added safety.

Recommendations for use

SRx Thrive can serve as a crop’s primary sulfur source, providing season-long nutrient availability. A soluble sulfate source may be required to meet a crop’s immediate needs in severely sulfur-deficient soils.

  • Apply in the spring or fall. Safe for application with seed.
  • Can be applied as a standalone product or blended with other fertilizers.
  • Suitable for band or broadcast applications.
  • Application rate is crop dependent and will vary based on soil test results and estimated sulfur removal rates.

Packaging and shipment

Our centrally-located manufacturing and storage facilities give us the flexibility to meet our customers’ packaging preferences and shipping timelines. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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