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Elemental sulfur without the wait.

Elemental sulfur offers several agronomic benefits: it reduces the pH of alkaline soil, improves absorption of other plant nutrients, supplements soil sulfur levels to support crop health and is less likely to leach compared to sulfate sources. But, granular elemental sulfur tends to have a large particle size that can take years to break down to realize these benefits.

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Sulfur bentonite is a faster-acting alternative to granular elemental sulfur. It’s formulated with bentonite clay, which swells with moisture, breaking the sulfur into tiny particles. Smaller particles promote faster oxidization into plant-available sulfate that your crops can use to optimize growth and development.

SRx Sulfur offers two bentonite sulfur products: SRx85 (85% elemental sulfur, 15% bentonite clay) and SRx90 (90% elemental sulfur, 10% bentonite clay) are formulated to meet various handling and crop production requirements.

Faster conversion to sulfate

Our sulfur bentonite products are formulated to reduce sulfur particle size when moisture-activated, promoting faster oxidation, enhanced availability, and more efficient uptake throughout the growing season compared to granular elemental sulfur products. 

Typical conversion of SRx sulfur bentonite products to sulfate is 2+ years, with most of the conversion happening in the first year.


Less nutrient loss

The elemental sulfur in SRx85 and SRx90 reduces the risk of nutrient loss by leaching compared to soluble sulfate sources, making them ideal for fall applications.


Suitable for organic production

SRx85 and SRx90 are OMRI-certified organic sulfur products compatible with conventional and organic production practices.


Low-dust formulation

Our sulfur bentonite products are manufactured with the highest-quality bentonite clay to reduce dust formation for safer, more convenient handling.


Amends high pH and sodic soils

SRx 85 and SRx 90 can be used as a soil amendment to reduce soil pH and reclaim sodic soils over time.

Recommendations for use

SRx85 and SRx90 can serve as a crop’s primary sulfur source, providing season-long nutrient availability. The soil’s sulfur-oxidizing bacteria population increases with repeated applications, making future sulfate conversion more efficient. A soluble sulfate source may be required to meet a crop’s immediate needs in severely sulfur-deficient soils or when applied just before seeding. 

  • Apply in the spring or fall. Safe for application with seed.
  • Compatible with organic and conventional production practices.
  • Can be applied as a standalone product or blended with other fertilizers.
  • Suitable for band or broadcast applications. Following application, soil incorporation is recommended before planting in the first growing season.
  • Benefits crops under alkaline soil conditions.
  • Application rate is crop dependent and will vary based on soil test results and estimated sulfur removal rates.

Packaging and shipment

Our centrally-located manufacturing and storage facilities give us the flexibility to meet our customers’ packaging preferences and shipping timelines. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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