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Sulfur you can spray

Our flowable sulfur product, SRxFlo70, is formulated with micronized sulfur particles suspended in liquid for convenient spraying in agricultural and industrial applications. It offers exceptional coverage to supplement a crop’s nutritional needs without any irritating dust. SRxFlo70 is a multipurpose product providing nutrients for plant growth and soil amendment properties.

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Complete coverage

The micronized particle size of SRxFlo70 increases surface area exposure to enhance product efficacy, whether used for soil amendment or plant nutrition applications.

Convenient handling and application

SRxFlo70 contains 70% elemental sulfur in a convenient spray formulation for simpler handling and uniform application.

Recommendations for use

SRx70Flo is a diverse product primarily used as a plant nutrient product but also serves as a soil amendment to manage pH.

  • See label for crop-specific application recommendations.
  • Compatible with ground, aircraft or sprinkler irrigation applications.

Packaging and shipment

Our centrally-located manufacturing and storage facilities give us the flexibility to meet our customers’ packaging preferences and shipping timelines. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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